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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a good fit for nutrition therapy & coaching?
    Individuals (all ages and genders) who are struggling in their relationship to food, body and/or movement and are ready to develop healthier relationships with them. It is important that my clients are appropriate for outpatient care and are medically stable. I see clients who have diagnosed eating disorders, disordered eating (which includes dieting) and metabolic conditions (such as hypertension or high cholesterol). I also offer family-based nutrition therapy, in which the client is always the primary receiver of care and family members receive nutrition coaching/support to help support the client’s healing process.
  • What can I expect us to work on together in nutrition therapy & coaching, and how long will we work together?"
    My approach is very individualized and the work I will do with one client never looks the same as the work I do with another client. You will be met with compassion exactly where you are. You will learn to nourish yourself well, work through limiting thought patterns and beliefs, develop a healthy movement routine and work on your relationship to your body if necessary.
  • Who is a good fit for group yoga classes?
    Anyone looking to practice group yoga from home, and who wants to create a sense of calm and peace within their bodies and minds! This practise is primarily focused on connecting with your body and self in a compassionate and intentional way.
  • What can I expect from group yoga classes?
    You can expect to be joining a small group of yoga students and myself for an hour of gentle yoga, which is a way of practicing yoga that finds the middle ground between power yoga classes and restorative yoga classes. We move in a way that is connected and intentional, as well as practice breath awareness and set intentions for our weeks together.
  • Who is a good fit for private yoga classes?
    Individuals, couples or small groups who are looking for a highly personalized yoga practice from the comfort of their own home. Each practice is tailored for my private yoga clients, and can expand beyond the physical practice into teaching of the yogic principles, if desired.
  • What can I expect from private yoga classes?
    You can expect to have yoga sessions that are just for you and exactly what you are wanting. If you’d like a purely physical practice, great. If you’d like to go deeper and learn some yogic principles and tools outside of asana (physical poses), great. You’ll leave each session with a mantra and a lesson plan.
  • What is your presentation style for webinars and other speaking engagements?
    I strive to deliver nutrition and wellness advice to my audiences in a compassionate, relatable, authentic, digestible and interactive way.
  • Are your services covered by insurance?
    No, but I do provide superbills for my nutrition clients who are residents of Georgia, upon request. They can be submitted to your insurer for potential reimbursement.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I have a 24-hour cancellation policy unless there is an emergency. If sessions are not cancelled in that 24-hour window before a session and there is no emergency, you will be charged the full-session price.
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