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Cut through the clutter & chaos of nutrition & wellness information. Get science-based, compassionate & relatable nutrition & wellness advice from a reliable source.

Through multiple media services, I provide evidence-based nutrition and wellness information to my readers and attendees in a consumer-friendly way.


I love to collaborate with like-minded brands to promote products and services I stand behind through website content, social media promotion, product consulting and public speaking.

If you are interested in discussing and/or booking a media opportunity, please fill out the contact form. I will do my best to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Media article on yoga and mindfulness therapies for eating disorders
Media article on yoga and mindfulness therapies for eating disorders





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Discover Credit Card Employee Wellness Break: “Springtime Re-Boot: How to Stay Well While Working From Home in a Pandemic”

Discover Credit Card Employee Webinar – Card 360 Day of Wellness: “Gentle Nutrition”

SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition) Symposium: “Using Intuitive & Mindful Eating to Help Sports Nutrition Clients”

Discover Credit Card Employee Webinar: “Joyful Movement: Learn How to Develop a Sustainable & Fueled Fitness  Routine"

Discover Credit Card Employee Webinar: “Setting Yourself up for Success With Nutrition in 2024"






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What others have said...


“Over the years we have frequently tapped Caroline to write various content pieces for the website focusing on health and wellness at She has also done a wonderful job with our virtual conference offerings this year. Caroline has led a few virtual yoga/education sessions focused on peanut and peanut butter nutrition. Our attendee feedback after events with Caroline are always very positive!”


 - Jada from  National Peanut Board

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