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3 Ways to Cultivate Balanced Self-Worth (includes a free tool & yoga practice!)

Self-worth is a topic that almost always comes up in conversation with my clients. It makes sense because when we are healing our relationships to food, body and movement, we often find that somewhere along the line, we were given the message that our worthiness depends on body size and/or our food (or, if not one of those, perhaps relationship status or income).

But as human beings, our self-worth is inherent and is not on that metal thing (the scale), our clothing label (a size), on social media, in our bank accounts, or really, anywhere outside of ourselves. Cultivating a healthy, balanced self-worth that aligns with our lives’ values can be challenging, but has a life’s worth of benefit.

1. Take an honest & mindful inventory.

This includes being real with yourself about where you derive your self-worth, and how much or how little you look to external things to validate your worthiness. The mindful aspect of this is so important because it helps us to approach whatever we find in doing our inventory with a kindness and nonjudgemental curiosity. So, for example, if you realize that your self-worth is very wrapped up in your body size, a mindful response might be, “Oh, wow. I didn’t realize that until I really asked myself. It makes sense since we live in such a weight- and body-focused society. I wonder how I could start shifting away from that mindset.”

Inventory can be a free-form written list or you can use questions, like “Where do I derive my self-worth?” or “Is my self-worth affected by comparisons to other people?” or “How much of my self-worth comes from personal or societal conditioning?” or “How do I empower myself?”.

Or feel free to download my Self-worth Pie Chart activity sheet.

2. Try yoga-based practices.

There are several yoga-based tools (postures, breathing techniques and visualizations) that can help in empowering you to look within and to remember that your worth is inherent, just as you are now. For example, any type of core-focused poses, like half-plank or plank pose (that help you feel your own power and connect with your physical center), are great ways to stimulate the third chakra, which is simply an energy center that represents our autonomy and self-esteem.

Here is a quick practice I developed for you to try out!

3. Practice affirmations.

If you’ve ever worked with me one-on-one, you know I’m a fan of affirmations! I really do believe in them, for myself and for my clients. While they may seem like just words, when taken to heart and repeated with intention, they can be an effective support in any of our life journeys.

Here are some of my favorite for cultivating self-worth (I recommend writing yours down, reading it to yourself daily, keeping it somewhere visible and saying it out loud): “I am worthy of the life I desire,” “I am living from my power.” “I am worthy just as I am right now.” “I am the hero of my own story.” “I honor myself and treat myself with respect.” “I make choices that support my highest good.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you found something useful in this post.

If you would like to work on your relationship to food, your body or exercise, I would love to work with you. Please send me an e-mail at and we can set up a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit!

If you would like to learn about my group or private yoga offerings, please contact me.

In true health,




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