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Here’s Why Calories are the Bomb

Hello there people. This is just a super quick post to celebrate calories. One of the many things that I think our culture gets wrong is that calories are a negative thing, and that we should try to eat the least amount of calories possible if we want to be “healthy.” ….. Nope.

This simple phrase blows my clients’ minds (in the best way) : “Calories are just energy.”

Yep. That’s what calories are. They keep us alive, and then help us thrive.

Calories = Life.

So, if we are trying to eat the least amount of calories each day, that’s the same thing as trying to get by with the least amount of energy possible. Why the hell would we do that? So we can be fatigued and blah all day? You catch my drift I’m sure…

Anyways, I created this pie chart below to give you an idea of how the body uses the calories (energy) we give it everyday. Can you believe that most of the energy goes to vital functions — keeping us alive!! The rest of it goes to activities – yes, exercise – but also things like reading (yep, you’re using calories right now to move your eyes across your screen). And then we need some to digest, transport (from stomach to intestine to blood to liver, etc.) and store/use all the nutrients our food gives us.

(*note – should say “Digestion, transport, absorption, storage & use of nutrients”)

So, here’s a big hell yea to calories!

In true health,




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